• If your vehicle runs, we will test the various systems through an extensive test drive and functions check to get a good understanding of the start point.
  • If your vehicle does not run, we will analyze on a case-by-case basis whether it is more advantageous to move directly into the tear down phase or to get the vehicle running first to get a better understanding of condition.

Disassembly & Tear Down
We disassemble your vehicle in essentially the opposite order that the manufacturer originally assembled it.  This is the most cost effective and logical approach to ensure parts are removed in an efficient fashion.  Extensive photography takes place during this phase and all parts are tagged.  During the disassembly, the parts are divided into the ten functional divisions of a vehicle as described in Phase five (5).  

Parts Ordering
With the vehicle components all distributed to the appropriate functional areas, each component is examined for condition and decisions are made as to whether the part will be left "as is", repaired or replaced through conferences with the owner.  Because of the lead time in getting many of the parts it is at this point that most of the part ordering occurs.

Distributed Restoration


  1. Dash
  2. Seats
  3. Head liner
  4. Door Panels
  5. Carpets
  6. Console
  7. Sail Panel Covers

Bright Work

  1. Chrome (emblems, bezels, trim)
  2. Stainless (moldings and window casings)
  3. Pot-metal (mirrors and castings)
  4. Glass


  1. Engine
  2. Transmission
  3. Differential

Engine Accessory

  1. Air-Conditioning
  2. Starter
  3. Water pump
  4. Air systems (smog pump) and other


  1. Power steering pump and hoses
  2. Steering gearbox
  3. Steering column
  4. Control arms, tie rod ends, linkages, etc.


  1. Master cylinder
  2. Slave cylinders / calipers
  3. Steel and rubber lines


  1. Wiring
  2. Switches
  3. Relays
  4. Instruments
  5. Alternator, voltage regulator, distributor

Fuel systems

  1. Tank
  2. Lines
  3. Fuel pump
  4. Carburetor(s) or injection systems


  1. Body
  2. Frame
  3. Sub-frame

Preparation for Assembly
Each part of the vehicle will be restored, repaired and replaced at a different time.  As components are reconditioned they are tagged and placed on shelves designated for that specific vehicle.  When all respective sections signal that they are ready for assembly, the chassis and frame are sent down the line.

During this phase we begin with a completely restored chassis and frame and build it in essentially the same order and fashion the OEM built the vehicle when it rolled down the assembly line the first time.

Because we are not mass producing vehicles, we expect to find some engineering challenges during the assembly phase.  The wring-outs are a step designed to check all essential functions and deal with issues on an exception basis. 

Test Drive
With the wring-outs complete we will take your vehicle for a series of test drives to ensure all systems are functioning properly under normal and extreme driving conditions we expect your vehicle to see, including prolonged idling at high ambient temperatures, hard braking, hard turns and hard acceleration.

Although our customers generally love to visit and see the progress of their vehicles, none of the visits will compare to this one.  This is the time when the owner of the vehicle will get the chance to do what they probably haven't done in many years, take their brand new classic automobile for a drive and re-live some of the best moments in their lives.  We highly encourage our customers to attend local and regional shows and allow others to share their joy in experiencing their classic vehicle.


  • Complete frame up or partial restoration
  • Show quality mechanical, fabrication, interior, electrical, body, and paint work
  • Ultra high-performance engine and chassis enhancements
  • Regular maintenance on your classic
  • Exclusive classic car buying and inspection services
  • Expert collision repair on select vehicles 



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The single most important phase of the restoration process is where we at All American Classic Car Restoration learn what your goals and dreams are for your vehicle.  We sit down and discuss what you want from your vehicle to determine whether your goal is one of the following:

  1. Makeover.  Attending only to the specific mechanical and cosmetic shortcomings of your vehicle.  This is the lowest cost approach as it deals with components on an exception basis.
  2. Driver Restoration.  The most popular approach to restoration, this involves returning your car to a similar state as it was when it was first produced but using modern materials and hardware.  This approach may replace original components with rebuilt components as needed.  Driver Restoration will return your car to what most would consider completely original, however, it may lack some of the finer points found in our Points Restoration.
  3. Points Restoration.  Also referred to as a concourse restoration.  This restoration focuses on originality down to the correct materials, part and casting numbers, and includes details like bolt heads, wiring, harness tags, etc.  This requires the most research and the most time.  It is the most costly of any restoration technique because of the cost of original components and the extensive research needed.  There also may be extensive research regarding parts and materials.
  4. Resto-Rod.  This involves taking a vintage vehicle and maintaining much of the original look but upgrading many systems to include modern drive-train, brakes, instruments, interior, wheels/tires, electrical system and more.  This can be a cost-effective solution if many of the original components of your vehicle's drive-train are missing.
  5. Assisted Restoration.  This is an option for vehicle owners who have the ability to do some of the phases of a restoration but need assistance in getting through a  phase or phases they cannot accomplish.  This option can save a considerable amount of money.
  6. Other.  Any combination of the above approaches or anything else you desire.