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Another amazing project car that was recently completed in our shop. Considering how rare it is for classic cars to actually be restored to full completion, we must give credit to the amazing mechanics who are truly passionate about their craft.

1967 Jaguar in the Making!

Brad Toles was featured in Hot Rod Magazine!

1968 Plymouth GTX Satellite in all its glory.

Brad Toles in Hotrod Magazine

In the scheme of Holy Grail muscle cars, this has to be one of them. Not only does it feature that awesome wedge shape and clothes-line rear deck spoiler, it has red hot Tor-Red paint and the most incredible powertrain ever: a 426-cid Hemi engine backed with a Pistol-Grip-shifted four-speed and Dana 60 rear end.

Yep, this one checks all the boxes.

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Chez Mopar - Chef Brad Toles
Brad Toles in Hotrod Magazine
Brad Toles in Hotrod Magazine

​​​​The Sublime Green '71 Cuda that rolled out of Toles' shop in Palm Springs is a perfect recreation of what could have been delivered by your local Chrysler/Plymouth dealership in the late 1970 or most of 1971(only 6,228 coupes were made that year in toal - only 108 with Hemi engines). For that reason alone, original '71 Hemi cars have reached stratospheric heights. 

This Green Monster is a beast!

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Brad Toles is a sick man.

Not in the sense of having truly debilitating illness, but in the realm of an addiction to Chrysler’s Street Hemi cars and the Holy Grail of performance engines, the 426-cid Hemi. Affectionately labeled Elephant Engines when they debuted in 1964 due to their immense size and power output, they were to cut the die as arguably the most dominant drag racing engine of all time.

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Brad Toles in Hotrod Magazine

This Mean Green Cuda Machine...Brad Toles is a maniac!              

Brad Toles was featured in Mopar Muscle Magazine               

​Featured in Power & Performance News magazine on Page 100

Check out our awesome photos for an awesome vehicle!

Experience the transformation of a new Jaguar! This 1967 Burgundy 3.8S Jaguar is on its process 

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